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Investing 4 Teens

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Hello everyone. I've designed this site for teenagers so they can learn how to invest and manage money. I'm 16 and realize this can be very difficult so I have made this site for all those teens who are out there struggling with this same problem.

Every so often I'll publish articles attempting to teach teenagers how to manage money. I try very hard to make a system that everyone can use, and still enjoy a large amount of freedom. Because there is no use to invest money if you are never going to use it or have fun.


Legal Disclaimer: Although I will always try my best to give you an effective financial strategy, there is no guarantee it will work. I will never reccommend something to you I have not tried myself. I will always give full disclosure of stocks I do and do not own.

This is a site I desgined especially for teenagers to learn how to better manage their money and plan ahead for things like going to college and buying a car. If you ever have any questions always feel free to email me at I'm always glad to answer your questions or to receive feedback.