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Investing 4 Teens


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Learning to master the notorius checking account.

The checking account can be very daunting for a 16 year old who has just gotten their first job and does not know exactly what they want to do with their money. Let me assure you they are very easy to manage and extremely helpful.

Most teens when they think of checking accounts, they think boring ol' paper checks that parents write to pay bills. But the internet is changing all of that.

I have my own personal checking account, and have foundit to be very easy. At first i thought, "Why could I possibly need a checking account?" I have found it to be extraordinarily helpful. Since I am still just a teenager and i live with my parents i have very little need for paper checks. In fact although I often use my checking account i have never written a single check.

I know thats hard to believe. How can you have a checking account and not actually write checks? Well it's a beautiful thing known as the debit card. This card when swiped at a store immediately draws money form your checking account, without the need of writing a check.

Even if you need to write checks for whatever purpose online checking makes this very easy, with the internet you will never have to balance a check book. Unfortunately I cannot go to in depth because all banks are different. But the principle remains the same. All the checks you have written will show up on a screen and the computer calculates the math for you. Think it cannot get any better?

Well all of this is FREE. That is at most banks if you have direct deposit from your job, also most but not all banks will give you free checking if you parents bank there.

As a side note I would also like to say although I do not personlly use a checkbook, this is because I make very very few purchases with it. If you are going to be using your account a lot a checkbook is essential. Also I always have written down how much is in my account so I do not have bounced checks to deal with.

So I hope I've enlightened you as to how valuable an asset a checking account can be in your adolescense :)


After reading this I reccommend asking you parents what bank they use, and visit their website their you can find a wealth of information about how their specific checking system works.

This article written by Adam who is always willing to listen to any questions or concerns you might have.

This is a site I desgined especially for teenagers to learn how to better manage their money and plan ahead for things like going to college and buying a car. If you ever have any questions always feel free to email me at I'm always glad to answer your questions or to receive feedback.